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If you are like many people in business, you may find yourself evaluating your January results. If your gap is bigger than anticipated in any area of your life, it typically is due to a lack of discipline in a certain area (yes, I suffer with this as well sometimes). Love this simple advice from John Maxwell (although modified a bit) in order to really make some headway in February. 1. List 5 areas of your business/life that lack self discipline 2. Place them in order of your priority for conquering them (think about which one will give you the greatest return and start there) 3. Take them on one at a time 4. Secure resources (your coach, books, recordings) that will give you instruction and motivation to conquer each area. Commit to continual education of this area for the entire time period. What you focus on always expands (thanks Dianna Kokoszka). 5. Ask someone in your life that already has that discipline in their life to be an accountability partner. Stop asking others working on the same discipline to be your accountability. Two people struggling never make it out of the water. 6. Spend 15 minutes each morning getting focused in order to get control of this weak area of your life. Make sure your calendar represents the changes you intend to create. Calendars must match goals. 7. Do a five-minute checkup at mid-day (time it with lunch) . . . where are you? what would you like to adjust in the final hours? 8. Do another five-minute evaluation at the end of the day - how did you progress, what will you take on the next day, etc. 9. Allow yourself at least 60 days of success (and the One Thing indicates 66) before moving on to the next thing on your list. Keep focused on the difference these changes are going to make to you, your life, your associates, your family, your community, etc. . . . Remember that hard work is actually the accumulation of easy things. Taking one thing on at a time ensure a greater return than if you took on every one of the 5 areas at the same time.